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My name is Kevin Chianella and I am 21 years of age. I live in new york city with my mother and my grandmother, whom I help daily because of numerous health issues.

In late February/early March of this year, I was arrested and detained for my alleged involvement with the Toronto G20 summit protests in 2010. I, as well as countless others, have a series of charges and I am in need of serious help and support!

I am currently out on bail, and I am struggling. I do not have any financial resources, nor do I have much support from family members. I have applied for legal aid, and have been rejected twice because they do not believe that I’m financially struggling. I am basically sitting in limbo, waiting for responses from my legal team, not knowing whether or not they will even be able to continue representing me due to the fact that I have no money to pay them. I am fearful that I will eventually have to appear in court in Canada, like I had stated above, I am in no financial condition to even afford round trip airfare or bus fare.

As you can probably imagine, this is becoming a plague on my mental health. Though I know there are many others who are in similar situations to myself, I feel completely alone. I have been alienated by family members , and I am even becoming wary of socializing with some of my friends. I am writing this with hope that some of you can support me, and spread the message around to the community. Anything can help. To better understand what I am going through, i have provided a list of the charges I am facing.
Thank you for reading this, and thank you to all who would like to help. I am deeply appreciative.

Kevin Chianella


* Assault with a weapon (x2)
* Intimidation of justice system participant by violence (x2)
* Mischief over (x24)
* Obstruct peace officer
* Mischief endangering life (x14)
* Arson: damage to property
* Theft under (x3)
* Break and enter commit
* Assault
* Assault peace officer with a weapon