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Richard is Free, Support Kevin and Joel!

We are pleased to announce that Richard Morano is free! Rick was one of five individuals from the United States pursued by Canada’s very own Police Inspector Javert—also known as Detective-Sargent Gary Giroux—across international borders years after the 2010 Toronto G20 protests. Rick was arrested at his place of work, in February 2013, in a small town in rural Pennsylvania where he and his family live. He was initially charged with 14 counts, all relating to property damage and mask-wearing, and in February of 2014, Rick plead to six counts and was sentenced to seven months in jail and two years probation. It is a relief that Richard is back home, with his friends and family, in half the time he anticipated.

However, Joel Bitar and Kevin Chianella are still locked away from their loved ones, and we urge you to support these comrades while they do their time. They are working-class kids who went to protest the world’s wealthiest countries and the systems that create the inequality they see every day. They lived with their parents or grandparents, who have mortgaged homes and emptied out savings accounts to help them. They have lived with the anxiety and stress of two nation-states colluding to put them in prison, and now they live with the anxiety and stress of imprisonment. As the saying goes: they are in there for us, and we are out here for them!

Support Kevin! Support Joel!

Kevin Chianella

February 13th– Kevin plead guilty to 16 charges (originally facing 53 counts) and will do 24 months in a penitentiary, the only G20 prisoner to be sentenced to such a place. Kevin did not receive any restitution because of his financial circumstances. He is currently at Metro West but will likely be transported to a federal facility in the near future. Stay posted for an address change.
Kevin Chianella
Beaver Creek Medium Institution
200 Beaver Creek Drive
PO Box 1240
Gravenhurst, Ontario

Joel Bitar

February 13th– Joel plead guilty to 12 counts of mischief over $5000 (originally facing 26 counts) and will do 20 months in a provincial jail. Joel also did not receive any restitution because of his financial circumstances. Joel also has a blog and a support web site, check them out!
Joel Bitar
Central North Correctional Centre
1501 Fuller Avenue
Penetanguishene, Ontario
L9M 2H4